Stop, Think, Buy! Things To Remember While Choosing Clothes

Stop, Think, Buy! Things To Remember While Choosing Clothes

Going on a shopping spree is possibly the easiest and the most enjoyable for everybody (we’re not being gender specific here). Today when shopping stores are actually installed on our phones, shopping is an impulsive activity for most people. One that helps them get that adrenaline rush. The best clothes online shopping sites, like Untung, have made it a seamless experience for users to get their outfits without any hassle. 

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t here to send you on a guilt trip. It’ll just shed some light on the things to consider while shopping and will help you become a conscious shopper. After all, Untung is all about keeping your fashion game on point while being a smart and responsible shopper. Untung is one of the Indian sites for online shopping that ensures an excellent clothing experience for all its users. 

So, here are a few tips and factors to consider while you are on that shopping spree. These will surely come in handy to avoid unnecessary wardrobe clutter. Let’s go!

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1. Are you buying only what you like?
As the title suggests, “Stop, think, buy!”. Very often, out of greed (which we admit is pretty uncontrollable, especially when you visit Untung), we forget to stop and think if what we are buying is something that we actually need or is it simply because we are following a hyper friend’s fashion advice, or because it looks cool on a model or because that inner you says, “Just Get It!”. Make sure you give these factors a thought the next time you go on an impulse buy or get something you’re not very sure about. Buy what you will carry with happiness.


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2.Did you check your closet?
Okay, we totally get it when your wardrobe is out of clothes or the latest trends. And that’s what we are here for. But before you go to Google whining and type “beautiful dresses for women”, are you actually doing a temp-check on your existing collection? Based on what’s lagging or what’s in plenty, make your next outfit shopping list. If that closet is truly out of cool clothes (like the ones at Untung) then you surely need to get an upgrade. After all, you are a responsible shopper but still a trendy diva whose fashion game leaves everyone awestruck. But doing this check will surely save you from spending too much or from running out of outfits.


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3. Does it suit your taste?
Now, we are for experimenting and stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion but at the same time, it’s important that you look out for bizarre fashion decisions that can totally spoil your entire look. And yes, the beauty standards out there are crazy and often not inclusive. It’s important that you understand whether those party wear dresses for women that you are going for will suit your taste or not. AVOID PEER PRESSURE during such times. It’s your body and your style, it should be all about you and suit your clothing style. Even while experimenting, it's important that you are careful or your entire wardrobe could be corrupted. Untung lends a fairly helpful hand with collections, fabrics and colors that suit one and all at all times.

4. A Fit That Fits You
As mentioned before, the market standards of beauty are unfair and unrealistic. But we want you to be sure at all times that you are comfortable in your skin. Make sure you buy outfits that fit you. Long or short, big or small, tight or loose. It’s important to be aware of what makes your appearance and your body feel comfortable and what suits the occasion. Shop as per what makes you feel comfortable. What you are wearing anywhere should be the last of your concerns. Only then will you be the carefree beauty that you are!


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5. Are you adding just the right colors?
Yeah, this one is but obvious! But why do we forget it so often? You need to understand the colors you need, the colors that work for you and the colors that don’t. While purchasing beautiful dresses for women, especially, this factor has to be kept in mind because there isn’t any other element in your outfit apart from the dress itself to strike that right balance. Untung’s range of dresses, co-ord sets, kurtas and tops come in exemplary color palettes that give you exactly what you are looking for. In the end, no matter how pretty of a dress you are wearing or no matter how well you are accessorizing, unsettling colors can make it or totally break it for you.


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6. Quality Check: Check ☑️
You must admit that while purchasing outfits, even from the best clothes online shopping sites, quality and durability are often ignored, just because something “Looks Good”. However, this should be the first thing on your list of criteria while shopping. Yes, clothes don’t come with a guarantee or warranty but checking the material used and the wash care instructions always let you take proper care of the clothes and lets you know what quality material is touching your body. These factors help you buy wisely while also ensuring how to make those clothes last with proper care.

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7.Check your wallet first!
Not to sound derogatory, but you must consider your budget, the worth and the price of the clothes you shop for. Quite often even the most beautiful dresses for women that might cost you half your pocket money or salary are just not worth the price (although at Uutung this rarely happens). Yes, we believe in all that jazz, flash and pizzazz but sensible and planned shopping that’s actually worth the price you are paying can save you those bucks you might be spending unnecessarily. Are you checking the tag while buying an outfit from a sale, are you making the right calculations, would you prefer waiting until that costly top is on sale? These factors ensure that you become a smart shopper.

Now that we have enlightened you enough, we will leave you one last EPIC shopping advice. Check out Untung for the best range of ethnic and indo-western outfits and loungewear. Trust us, we check all the boxes on the list that we have mentioned above. Our sustainable fashion initiative is sure to make you an aware shopper in the real sense. Try now!