We believe deeply in the philosophy that tomorrow’s world is created today. When we created Untung, we knew we wanted to work towards making tomorrow’s world better than we found it, no matter what direction our work took us in. We are proud to say, we’ve been able to stay true to that promise, with the huge support of the people who believed in us: YOU. 

Untung for the people

At Untung we still only work with small vendors and artisans, always ensuring we are putting their work front and centre, and helping them make their business sustainable as well. Making sure our employees are paid fair wages that are higher than industry standards is a top priority for us; we know our products are only as good as the goodness it creates in the community. We put constant effort to incorporate more women into our workforce, with our current workforce being 60% women. We also run regular training programs in the communities we work with post-training employment and recruitment opportunities.


Untung for the environment

All our fabrics are dyed and printed using azo-free chemicals, while our garment design process is centred around minimising fabric wastage. We ensure all waste from production is upcycled and used to create other products like jewellery, footwear, mattress fillings and more. 

We are constantly innovating to find ways we can further reduce plastic usage in our processes. Our shipping bags are already entirely made of bamboo paper and we are happy to say that we are on track to completely eradicate plastic use, even in production, by the end of 2021. 

With every piece we sell, we work hard to fulfill our promise to create a more conscious fashion space that gives back as much as it takes, leaving a lasting impact in the hearts of our customers instead of the planet.