Is picking the right kind of top a task for you?  Untung To The Rescue

Is picking the right kind of top a task for you? Untung To The Rescue

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Are you wondering what kind of top suits you the best? Is the endless flood of choices drowning you? Then we’re more than happy to let you know that you’ve landed yourself in the right place! In this blog, we are going to crack the code to find the right kind of tops that would look tailor-made for you and suit your aesthetics!

While looking for trendy tops for women, knowing your body type, the right colour tone, the fabric type and the top design is extremely important. Understand what’s a Yayy and what’s a Nayy!

Besides this, there are various other ways to find the right top for yourself. So, please scroll down and enlighten yourself.

designer tops online shoppingKnow your measurements:

Whether you’re buying the latest designer tops collection, or dresses, knowing your exact proportions and your size is very important. It helps you find the right sized tops for yourself easily and avoids the discomfort of too tight or too loose clothes. You can use a tape measure to write down the numbers. Make sure you buy what fits you and what pleases your comfort level. Never go for the “supposedly perfect” body type. 

 A top that fits you well in itself looks very flattering and appealing. Look out for these tips while looking for the perfect fit:

  • If you are planning to go on a diet and lose weight then don’t just go for assumptions while shopping. Wait until you achieve the changes before making any huge purchases. 
  • Even as you gorge through designer tops online shopping for super comfortable tops that do not hinder your movements or make you look too sloppy is equally important. 

Do not always follow fashion trends:

We all want to keep up with the trending styles and fashion, however, if you find a certain fashion trend unflattering, then just avoid it. Instead, learn to develop your style and blend it with yours. The latest designer tops collection may be very high on fashion but your comfort matters the most and your personality should be reflected in what you wear. 

Trendy Tops for Women

Find colours that work for you:

Go for trendy tops for women in colours that flatter your skin tone and look great together. For example, those with warm undertones look better with warm colours, while cooler colours pair best with cool-toned skin. Always include neutral tops in your wardrobe as these will build the foundation of any look. If you have a favourite colour that doesn’t go with your skin tone but still makes you happy, then go for it!

cotton tops for women

Try sticking to brands you like:

If you see a top that you like and think would look great on you then check out the brand. You are more likely to find some more clothes that would look great on you. Just like tops and other pieces of clothing at Untung are sure to attract your attention. Who knows we might be your go-to shopping site any day!l

Closing Words:

Shopping can be difficult and confusing. We may head to an outlet or visit an online shopping site with an idea in mind, but once we start going through the collection and see the options, we are lost and confused. Similarly while shopping for tops the different styles, sizes, cuts, colours and brands can overwhelm us. Untung has therefore listed out a few ways you can find the right top/tops to suit your taste and liking.

Also do not forget to check out Untung’s latest designer tops collection from our website. Having an idea of what looks good on you will make choosing good clothes much easier.