How to style a jumpsuit: 5 amazing tips by Untung

How to style a jumpsuit: 5 amazing tips by Untung

Ever since their inception, jumpsuits and jumpsuit dresses for women have taken the fashion world by storm! All thanks to the striking silhouette that they pose.
A jumpsuit combines the feminine flair of a gown and the sophistication and grace of two pieces, their elegance quotient lands them on uber-fashionable terrains. In simpler words, jumpsuits are a style statement. They may not be so easy to carry unless you have the right styling hacks up your sleeve. Fortunately, whether you are an amateur or a seasoned fashionista, jumpsuits can be quite tricky to pull off but Untung has listed down some important tips on how to rock a jumpsuit like a diva!

1. Find the right fit and style:
Just like any other outfit, casual jumpsuits for women also come in all shapes and sizes, for various body types. Thus, to look your best wearing one, finding the right style in the right fit is just as important. Knowing your measurements helps in this case. Go for jumpsuits with long sleeves, ruched bibs, halter tops, and deep v-necks, and experiment with a lot more to find your perfect fit.

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2. Pick the print to suit the occasion:
Although jumpsuits are outfits that can be worn almost anywhere, from a gala to a casual brunch, however, it is important to note that different styles and prints impart a different impact and look. For instance, on a casual day out with friends or shopping by yourself, go for bright floral prints, geometric patterns, Aztec prints, pastel shades or denim, as they are very much in vogue. You can also go for short jumpsuits for women for these casual outings. As for more formal events like first-time dates, parties or functions, stick with classy monochromes. Colours like blacks and whites can never go wrong.

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3. Pair it with a top over it:
Our outfits do depend a lot on our moods and there are days when we feel like going low-key or don’t feel like showing off too much when we haven’t waxed or it’s too cold, then simply throw on a half sleeve or a full sleeve basic t-shirt/top on top of your strappy jumpsuit. Find jumpsuits for women online that would feel super comfy even if you layered them with a t-shirt or a top. It looks super stylish and no one has to really know what you’re wearing underneath, they may just see you wearing a cool sweater with a pair of formal pants.

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4. Jazz up your waistline:
Since jumpsuits are a top-to-toe type of attire that run all the way from shoulders to your ankles, you are free to break the monotony of the flow. How? Well, just clinch up the waistline of the casual jumpsuits for women with a stylish belt. You can style it either high on your natural waistline, or lower towards the hip depending on what looks best on you. Doing this adds a lot of spice to the entire look plus adds that glam factor. Wearing a belt is the best idea, especially if you are wearing a loose-fit jumpsuit, or else you might end up looking baggy and shapeless.

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5. Chic hairstyle and earrings:
No look is complete without the right hairstyle. While wearing a jumpsuit you can opt for a chic and simple hairstyle. An elaborate hairdo can take all the attention away from your outfit. Go for a cute and short jumpsuit for women with a simple high ponytail or a good old blow-dry that also helps save you time. Complete the look with big hoops, sleek danglers and studs that will perfectly balance out your entire look.

Closing Words:
Don’t we all just love jumpsuits?! They for sure are a trendy and versatile everyday clothing piece or can be tweaked up for a special occasion. With the above list of tips from Untung, we hope that you are now ready to rock your own jumpsuit! So what are you waiting for? Shop from a wide range of jumpsuits from short jumpsuits and casual jumpsuits for women to dressy ones, we have them all here at your favourite online shopping platform, Untung!