Lounge Sets: Stylish Yayys or Nayys?

Lounge Sets: Stylish Yayys or Nayys?

The evolving fashion trends and their shifting focus have made comfortable fashion, not just a trendy craze but also a necessity. Ladies assume various roles in just a single day, so in such a scenario, catering to their sedentary lifestyle while keeping up with the fashion game too. Amongst this bustle and up to an extent confusing transition, loungewear and lounge sets for women have gained considerable popularity, and all for good reasons.

These relaxed pieces of fashion are relatively new in the market and are swiftly standing out as a part of the “comfy trend” wave. The keep-it-casual funda of lounge sets makes them not just night wear for women but an everyday fashion staple too.
You can easily spot girls and ladies pulling these off with a simple Kohlapuri, a pair of pumps, a slip-on and just a simple tote bag, maybe.
And voila! Bye-bye jeans, hello cool, comfy vibes!
So, in the spirit of your eccentric fashion game and this cool fashion revolution, let’s check out the most loved lounge sets for women that have taken the market by storm. Let’s go!

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1. Button-down sets: All time favorites and hey, relatively underrated till recent years. They can be paired with short pants or full pants, the charm remains the same. These buttoned beauties are sure to give you that coordinated swaying aura!

night wear for women.

2. Colorful sets: These can help you bring out your peppy and chirpy diva with the most attractive, catchy, subtle, shimmery, minimalist…. (you name it) colors. Guess what? These colors can be on the most flaunt-worthy and chic patterns and designs too, inspired by contemporary trends or folk/traditional art. Trust us, the 2022 trends have these tapped big time, so why would lounge sets for women or night wear for ladies be left out? Try ‘em to know ‘em!

3. Luxe sets: Kick out the “lounge” from loungewear with these classy and premium pieces. These redefine formal wear with their minimalist and classy colors, patterns, styles and fabric. So whether it’s a blazer suit or cardigan set, these will make your look stand out with an elegant glamour that is apt for those special occasions. Wait, they can be super comfy for indoor wear too, if paired with a satin or a simple cotton shirt.

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4. Collared knits: You know what’s coming? Winter! Let these collared beauty find their way to the winter wardrobes for casual occasions as well as night wear for women. From cropped cotton sweatshirt to knitted and collared cardigans or cotton night dress online. You’ll see these everywhere.

5. Boxer briefs: For all the pretty ladies who like to add a little boyish charm to their loungewear, these are ruggedly comfortable letting you be your most comfortable or in your element at home. Find these in a range of cotton night dress online.

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6. Jumpsuits: Stylish+quick. Jumpsuits are as old as time in the fashion world. The onesies make dressing up an easy and quick affair for you, regardless of the occasion or place. Hint: Untung’s range of jumpsuits has been the talk of the town due to their fabric and designs, wanna check them out? Make sure you do!

7. Silky sets: These lounge sets for women are for the cute, dainty diva in you. Wear it at home or wear a different kind for a casual brunch or a semi-formal gathering, their beauty lies in their soft versatility.

At Untung, we take pride in being the hub for lounge sets for women and night wear for ladies that aren’t just confined to the lounge but help you redefine your fashion game. Pink, red, beige or black, we have’em all in the most exquisite and crafted designs.
Now that you have a guide on lounge sets for women, make sure you check them out on our website too.