Look Taller: Outfit Tips!

Look Taller: Outfit Tips!

The beauty of fashion lies in its limitless potential for self-expression. While embracing your body's comfort is paramount, fashion allows you the creative freedom to play with illusions, and allows you to experiment with different styles. Whether you're naturally petite or simply want to appear taller, this blog will guide you through the art of choosing outfits that can help you create an impression of added height. 

Discover some stylish tips and tricks to elevate your look and your confidence.

  • Opt for Vertical Stripes: Vertical stripes are a timeless classic when it comes to creating an illusion of height. They draw the eyes upward, making you appear taller. Striped dresses, trousers or tops with vertical lines can be your go-to choice for elongating your frame.

  • Co-ord Charm: Coordinating your outfit with the same print on both the top and bottom is a clever styling trick that can create the illusion of added height. This styling approach can make you appear taller and add a touch of elegance to your overall look. 
  • High-Waisted Bottoms: High-waisted pants, skirts, and shorts can work wonders for your height. They make your legs appear longer and your waist higher, instantly adding inches to your frame.  

  • V-Neck Tops: V-neck designs create the illusion of a longer neck and a taller silhouette. They draw attention to your upper body, making you appear taller and more slender.

  • Mind Your Posture: Last but not least, the way you carry yourself can make a world of difference. Standing up straight with good posture not only adds an immediate boost to your height but also exudes confidence and grace.


Exploring style through fashion is an exciting journey and the best part? You can bring these insights to life with Untung, a brand that caters to your every fashion needs. Embrace your individuality, experiment with the provided tips, and dive into our collection to discover clothing that perfectly resonates with your taste.